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As a gateway for Asia next generation, to create investment opportunities of their own This is the vision of NEXASIA.

Developed countries including Japan have grown by the influence of western culture and economy, and similar experiences also have been seen in investment and finance industries as if there was a scenario. There is a country called Japan today through the experiences of industrialisation, bubble economy, disposal of bad loans, and globalisation.

Having had both economy booming and recession, Indochina countries where NEXASIA focuses on, particularly Vietnam and Cambodia, have been growing in short years since the war/civil war battered economy. According to the concept ‘Asia will face the same events in a different way in the near future that happened in Western countries and Japan’, we will contribute to our clients and next Asian generations by finding opportunities in anomaly as well as implementing high-quality investment projects.


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15th Nov, 2013 Our company website was opened.

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